Bobii Frutii – The Ultimate Bubble Tea

The Bubble Tea Revolution

Bobii Frutii – The Fruit of Innovation and Tradition.

Inspired by the Taiwanese specialty drink, “Bubble Tea,” Bobii Frutii’s drinks are infused with creativity and passion, stimulating your senses. Bobii Frutii is dedicated to producing the finest beverage in the world with the highest standard of ingredients, creating extraordinary taste and enjoyment.

We proudly serve the unparalleled beverage to our customers. Every Bobii Frutii Signature drinks is a cup of art with a unique name and unique personality that tells a unique story. Some are colorful and cheerful, some are calm and stable, and some are unwilling to be ordinary.
Share our story and tell us yours.

Bobii Frutii – Not Just a Drink But a Journey.