Freshslice Pizza

SUCCESS! Any Way You Slice It!

Pizza is what we do and Fresh is how we do it. And much, much more. All Baked. All Good. All Multigrain.

We are currently looking for single unit, multi-unit partners and area development partners!

New locations for as low as $245,000 including franchise fee!

–A Freshslice Franchise Blows Away The Competition!–

Yes, you read that correctly.

It’s an important part of our explosive growth and totally unique in the industry. To discover how a Freshslice business can help you realize your financial goals faster and easier than most other businesses, read on to lean about what makes us, and what will make you, a success.

here are hundreds of franchises for you to invest in, Freshslice is the only company that doesn’t charge a royalty or advertising fee, saving you tens of thousands of dollars each year.

For example, if you invest in a typical franchise system you will be charged a typically a 6% royalty and a 4% advertising fee, you will be paying $50,000 annually if your business produces $500,000 in sales.

Imagine putting $50,000 into your bank account instead of the franchisor’s.

With no royalty and no advertising fees, some of Freshslice’s franchisees (or partners as we prefer to call them) are making $10,000 a month in net income.

Imagine investing $150,000-$200,000 in a turn-key Freshslice business and making a six-figure, passive income several years later. Imagine having this income when you retire and then, imagine selling your business for $500,000 or more five years later.


Freshslice Pizza opened its first franchise in 1999 at the corner of Commercial and Broadway by founder Ray Russell. Our Canadian owned and operated franchise system is more than 74 restaurants strong with franchises in British Columbia and Alberta.

Freshslice is the only pizza company in the world that has a centralized secret recipe dough making commissary which provides sheeted dough that is distributed to all our restaurants thus providing consistent quality and a massive 800% savings on dough making labour costs.

Our brand advertising and marketing services give you the advantage of print ready menus, fliers, coupons and other give away items at no additional cost to you. You can order as much as you want with no extra cost.

–Our Unique Business Concept Also Offers–

1. 0% Royalties and 0% Advertising Fees
2. Almost half the Investment cost compared to our direct competitors
3. In House equipment dealership and distribution brings you more savings

Freshslice has been awarded the Consumers’ Award for Business Excellence three years in a row. This is a true testament of a well-established brand.

Since we produce our own multi-grain dough and have invented our own dough making system that caters to you our franchisee partner, you save 800% on labor costs.

–Just Think Of The Freshslice Advantage–
1. Become your own boss
2. Invest confidently in the stable Food Service Industry
3. Pay no Royalties!
4. Pay no Marketing Fees!
5. Receive industry-leading training
6. Enjoy great marketing and operational support
7. Benefit from our years of experience and success
8. Award winning quality
9. Cost effective efficiently sized units
10. Great Brand recognition
11. Team Environment

You’ll feel well supported operationally thanks to our “turn-key” store opening team that will take care of your store design and construction. Before your restaurant opens, you will be provided advice and assistance in the hiring and training of required staff. We also support you with purchasing and distribution assistance, quality control check-ups, Regional District Managers to help you stay on track and profitable.

We help you with site selection, offer you free marketing and advertising services and we charge you no marketing or royalty fees! Freshslice wants you to succeed. Freshslice embodies efficiency, productivity and consistency without sacrificing quality.

Join the Freshslice family and be the success you always dreamed.

Should you be looking for an Area Development Partnership opportunity rather than a single unit partnership,
email: to find out more information in our Master Franchise listing.