Gasket Guy

The Gasket Guy Brand:

With a national footprint of active distributors and installers, Gasket Guy is the largest installer of commercial refrigeration door gaskets in the U.S, and Canada.

Gasket Guy dealers have unlimited sales capacity thanks to a state of the art manufacturing facility. This allows them to focus on being the problem solver for the customer, not only for gaskets but for refrigeration hardware, walk-in doors, cutting boards, warmer gaskets and more.

Gasket Guy is the trusted provider of this niche product to restaurants, hotels, gas stations, grocery stores, schools, and any commercial establishment that serves food or drinks.

Gasket Guy is the ONLY company in this niche industry with a a robust corporate office, focusing on support, community, new product development, and invested capital. With industry leading products and technology available only to Gasket Guy, we have a significant competitive advantage over the competition.

Why Do Customers Choose Gasket Guy?

Gasket Guy’s KNOW gaskets which makes them gasket SUPERSTARS. This allows them to provide a specialized service with speedy turn around and a much better price than competitors. With centralized production facilities the local Gasket Guy installer can focus on the local market sales, installation, and customer service.