Gestion Rock N Deli

Restaurant banner established more than 25 years in commercial shopping centers and street locations in Montreal, Quebec City and Toronto.
Rock N Deli Mtl Smoked Meat is a unique concept the offers Montreal Smoked Meat, Club Sandwiches, Fresh choices of 12 salads, Chicken Wraps, Poutines, homemade Lasso curly fries. All our recipes are made fresh on the premises. We only use the freshest of ingredients in all our menu. Our menu is able to satisfy the whole family and much more. In Ontario we also service the Halal concept since our Smoked Meat recipe is halal.

We offer different locations in food courts and restaurants
sprockets on streets with a very modern and warm atmosphere . Our philosophy is to offer
tasty and unique meals with exceptional service.

We offer guidance to our ne