H2GO Mobile Wash

H2GO Mobile Wash offers residential, commercial & industrial power washing and clean up services.

H2GO has created a proprietary wash system that allows operators to complete tasks normally thought to be impossible. Perform services up to 1200 feet from the wash truck with virtually no pressure loss!

H2GO is a unique business that deals directly with clients and serves the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
Demonstrating strong core values, H2GO understands that quality is the key to success. Our franchisees are fully trained and understand the importance of the services they provide.

What we wash:
We service large and small trucking companies, on-going factory maintenance shutdowns, hospitals, large indoor parking facilities, restaurants, commercial buildings, airports, construction equipment, plazas, parking lots, residential homes, driveways, patios… the list is
endless! We service areas that would normally be impossible, allowing our operators to expand their ability to generate revenue.

Residential Franchise: Liquid capital required starting at $60,000
Commercial & Industrial Franchise: Liquid capital required starting at $120,000