Magellan Wealth Management Inc

Magellan Wealth Management Inc. is a boutique financial planning and mortgage brokering firm created to help our client’s live life on their terms through prudent investing in exceptional passive real estate investment opportunities.
We are a small group of dedicated professionals. Each member of the Magellan team brings with them a specialization and a wealth of experience.
Time and time again, viable real estate investments have proven to be the safest and most lucrative type of investment available. Our investment offerings are based on core principles and fundamentals of real estate investment. This foundation is enhanced by our experience, strategic analysis, and unique ability to significantly increase the performance of an investment and manage it with diligence. It is this specific combination that we have fostered at Magellan Wealth Management that provides for successful investing.
You do not have to be an expert to become a real estate investor nor does real estate investing mean buying and selling real estate. Our investment process provides you with peace of mind, knowing that your investment is safe and generating sustainable wealth. We believe in quality over quantity and would love to share our knowledge and experience to help you reach your investment objectives.