Miracle Method Surface Refinishing


At Miracle Method, we have 40 years of experience supporting a successful owner/manager business model in the Kitchen and Bathroom surface refinishing industry – and we’ll show you how.Miracle Method has been continually developing and improving our systems and processes for profitably growing a refinishing business. Franchisees who follow our systems can be very successful!Our proprietary product ensures that no other surface refinishing business offers the beauty, durability or warranty that Miracle Method can. Only Miracle Method offers a proprietary bonding agent that creates a superior molecular bond with the surface, creating the strongest finishes available. We are committed to continually improving our products and services.Miracle Method has the largest and most organized surface refinishing franchise network in North America. The Miracle Method franchise network consists of over 150 franchises.We are selective in who we choose as our franchisees. This ensures like-minded, driven owners who will uphold the quality and brand standards of Miracle Method.We hold a new owners hand all through the pre-training requirements of finding a suitable building, acquisition of vehicles and equipment as well as support in helping them to identify their team members. We then conduct a comprehensive 3-week training program directly before their grand opening. Most importantly, we switch on our powerful marketing engine several weeks before they open so we can start scheduling estimates. This means they hit the ground running in their protected territory. Our goal then is to support new owners on their race to break-even and profitability. With 150 plus franchises already, we have lots of experience in supporting and providing training for both new owners and those who have been with us for decades. Successful Miracle Method franchise owners spend their time managing the development and growth of their business.Assemble your team of techniciansWork with office staff to fill scheduleSet-up showroom and help your customersSet goals and execute your marketing planAttend National Convention and Technical WorkshopsCall the national office – we are there for supportEnjoy your business, life, family and friends – that is true business success!Ideal Candidate:Ideal candidate wants a Mon-Fri 8-5 pm business that services both residential and commercial properties. New owners operate from a light industrial space and start with a team of 3 employees and build from there. Our owners Do Not have to go door knocking, however they do have to build a team and business that can respond to the demand for service. Ideal candidates may come from construction, manufacturing or automotive industries, however we have very successful owners from all walks of life.