Namaste Nail Sanctuary

We do nails while you relax

Our mission is to create a nail sanctuary that presents with an optimal environment for relaxation. At Namaste | Nail Sanctuary , the time that is devoted to routine nail care is dual-proposed: Guests can choose from a full range of conventional and artisanal nail care services, while immersing themselves in the serene environment of our sanctuary, meticulously designed for relaxation and meditation.

The fact is, we live extremely busy, stressful lives and often, we simply can’t find the time to disconnect or decompress from our fast-paced “always on” culture. Increasingly, there is a premium being placed on relaxation and “personal time” because both are in such short supply. NAMASTE NAIL SANCTUARY’S FOCUS ON RELAXATION SETS IT APART FROM CONVENTIONAL NAIL SALONS AND POSITIONS OUR BRAND AS THE FIRST-AND-ONLY NAIL SERVICES FRANCHISE IN THE HEALTH AND WELLNESS CATEGORY