NHHSA – New Horizons Home School & Academy

Bringing Education to Life!

JOIN US! Ours is a simple formula for success and we have a track record of 24 years of profitable
operations to prove it. New Horizons Home School & Academy (NHHSA) is the only homeschooling
service provider in the southwest to offer on-site classroom instruction and tutoring services to students
who need it. Moreover, our full gamut of services includes monthly curriculum, grading, maintenance of
school records and transcripts, college counseling, the Arts (including music), guidance and more. We
have literally turned the science of homeschooling into an artform for families who have children in
preKinder through 12th grades. And we are non-denominational and non-sectarian, opening our doors to
families of all faiths who wish to provide their children with the most progressive model of education
available today. Families trust us and you should too.