We’re makin’ what you’re cravin’

The first Osmow’s location in Streetsville, Mississauga was a sub restaurant called Polar Submarine, prior to being switched over to Osmow’s. At the time, there was a lack of diversification in food options and mouthwatering flavours that Sam Osmow knew and loved. Sam decided to share these delicious tastings by firstly introducing them to customers at Polar Submarine. When customers raved about the amazing food, Sam realized Canada is ready with an appetite for more daring food with shockingly great flavour.

In April 2001, the switchover happened! Sam Osmow and his family decided to shutdown Polar Submarine, they renovated the restaurant themselves and opened as Osmow’s! The restaurant had a line out the door in no time thanks to customers spreading the word about the new, fresh and healthy flavourful meal selections. With the high demand of customers requesting more locations, Osmow’s has expanded and grown a great deal since then with several convenient locations in the GTA and surrounding.