Oxygen Fluffy Drink

We invented and created novelty oxygenated drink that has no analogies in the market. It must be fresh made only by special machine.
Oxygen Fluffy DrinkTM is completely different from any other drink because of the oxygen component in its drinks. Oxygen is vital to our health and well-being. No cell in our body is able to live without it. Oxygen deficiency leads to headaches, fatigue, drowsiness, and harm to internal organs, which can lead to serious illness. Most people who live in cities have to contend with terrible environmental conditions. Reduced greenery, such as trees or bushes, and an increased level of pollution in cities lead to lower atmospheric oxygen, which results in lower than optimal oxygen levels in the human Oxygen concentration in our drink is 4.5 times higher than in the air, and more than 1000 times higher than in water (oxygen concentration 95% in Oxygen Fluffy Drink, 17-21% in air, 0.0001% in water).
Oxygen Fluffy DrinkTM must be fresh made only by special machine right before consumption. Using modernist molecular kitchen ingredients, we have created the unique oxygen drink base. It is manufactured in Florida. This product has undergone FDA and FDACS food safety licensing and fully approved for consumption. The patent for the Oxygen Fluffy DrinkTM Maker, beverage formulation and its preparation technique is pending.

Oxygen Fluffy DrinkTM is delicious naturally-flavored foam that contains millions of bubbles of precious O2 molecules, which, when сonsumed, fill you with positive emotions and provide important health benefits. After the special formulated beverage is filled with oxygen it turns foamy and fluffy, and can be consumed with a spoon or straw.

There are four benefits the customers can feel immediately after consumption
Mood increase
Headache gone
Attack your hunger
Combat fatigue

The drink comes in sugar free (zero calories) and sugar (55cal per drink) versions. It has different flavors like: raspberry, fruit punch, apple pie, blueberry cheesecake etc.

The drink has many health benefits because of the oxygen effect on human body.
Thanks to the oxygen contained in Oxygen Fluffy DrinkTM customers can experience the following benefits:
o Increased energy
o Increased endurance
o Increased concentration and alertness
o Stress reduction
o Strengthened immune system o Easiness of headaches
o General body relaxation
Oxygen Fluffy DrinkTM is able to enrich, revitalize, and recharge the body almost instantly. With normalized oxygen levels fatigue is reduced, sleep is normalized, and metabolic processes are restored.
What are the benefits of normalized Oxygen Levels in our body?
Low oxygen levels lead to headaches, fatigue, drowsiness. Many people who live in cities have lower than necessary oxygen levels in their body.
Improved Oxygen levels lead to all sorts of benefits, here is a list of some of them: o Improves Memory, Attention, and Learning Abilities
o Relieves Nervous Tension and Irritability
o Improves Condition of Skin , Hair and Nails
o Improves Recovery from Stress o Relieves Breathing Problems
o Normalizes Blood Pressure
o Decreases feeling of Hunger
o Improves Heart Function o Promotes Muscle Growth o Helps to Prevent Colds
o Increases Fat Burning
o Activates Metabolism o Improves Digestion
o And many more…
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The drink is also very appealing to customers who seek sugar free and calorie free products. Customers can enjoy their favorite desert like crème brule, and consume a product that has no sugar, has no calories, and has unlimited health benefits.
Oxygen Fluffy DrinkTM can be consumed by any age from kids to elderly. However, children were identified as our main customers, this is due the beneficial effect of oxygen on the growing body, as well as kids loving foamy texture drinks.

The unique marketing concept was developed to sell our innovative product.
At the beginning stage of concept development the following survey was posted on many social networks to evaluate the market demand https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSepHFiXSHejo75m1D_-Pbr4EX-gU3D9l0f40UDlrBg9OF5RZg/viewform
The results of the survey had made us believe that Oxygen Fluffy DrinkTM will be very popular.
In order to market our novelty product, we have designed, developed and manufactured overseas both unique eye-catching indoor kiosk and outdoor RMUs of different sizes to place at shopping malls. They rapidly became an adornment of every shopping mall we are currently in. In August 2018 our first 8 locations across Florida were launched and Oxygen Fluffy DrinkTM sales started in the following cities: Jacksonville, Miami, Ft Myers, Tampa and St Pete.
The company has numerous offers from mall giants like Simon, Washington Prime, Westfield, Taubman, Brookfield, New England Development, JLL and Tanger to expand into other malls in Florida and in other states US and in Canada. Therefore, we have decided to work out the franchise program.

As of October 2018, there are 2 lines of the product FRUITTI-O2 and DESSERT-O2. The other 3 lines are at the development stage. HERB-O2 is completely healthy and herbal. Herbal teas and broth are the base of the drink. MILK-O2 will be a unique dairy product. It is a similar to popular milkshake. However, it turns into a tasty creme when filled up with oxygen. COFFEE-O2 is an oxygenated drink based on different coffee products.

Another revolutionary product- oxygen liqueur cocktails are under the final stage of development. At present we are negotiating with experienced people from liqueur industry about partnership to present this product to bars and clubs. After that our special formulated syrups and Oxygen Fluffy Drink Mixer commercial grade will be sold to liquor businesses. Below are outlined benefits of Oxygen drink mixture with alcohol (ODA). It will be developed under trade name other then Oxygen Fluffy Drink.
 Normalizes alcohol’s stimulating effect on the functionality of superior parts of central nervous system (prolongs the period of soberness and adequacy of behavior) during consumption of alcohol;
 Eases alcohol intoxication effect on the whole body;
 Consumption of ODA mixture has following effects: sleep normalizes, irritability decreases,
mood improves, work efficiency restores faster, reduces somatic-vegetative disorders (dizziness, nausea, irregularities with palpitation and arterial pressure, shortness of breath, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, etc.), decreases the alcohol abstinence syndrome (hangover) and the signs of asthenia (weakness, fatigue, tremor).
 How? Because the saturation of alcoholic drinks with oxygen accelerates the processing and elimination of toxins, which are being produced during the digestion (metabolism) of liquor, thus decreasing side effects of alcohol and easing hangover.
Oxygen Fluffy DrinkTM is a new paradigm in a beverage industry. It also supports wealthy and healthy lifestyle which we are sure will dominate for the next 10-20 years. We are quite confident that Oxygen Fluffy DrinkTM due to its novelty and benefits will quickly take it rightful place in the market.
Therefore the huge franchise network of kiosks and RMUs will be developed.
The franchise will offer different lines of the product to satisfy literally any customer taste.

We are looking for investors, partners, money lenders and management professionals who want to be part of Oxygen Fluffy Drink project.
The franchise is coming soon!