Fresh Is Our Main Ingredient!

Our story began over 15 years ago when we opened our first restaurant named Pepperoni’s. The family owned and operated restaurant quickly became a success. As we grew and opened new locations, it soon became apparent that our restaurant deserved a name that was just as unique as our delicious recipes, so in 2006 the PieZoni’s™ name and franchise became official.

Throughout the years as we continued to open new franchise, we have never settled for “good.” We can proudly say that we use the freshest ingredients. While we always strive to innovate, our beliefs have remained constant and are actually quite simple—be original, cook up creative recipes, deliver delicious, quality food at a superior value, and make sure that every customer’s experience is exceptional every single time they order from PieZoni’s. We aren’t afraid of different. In fact, it’s our distinct menu and attitude that make PieZoni’s so deliciously original.