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Profit is a Team Sport…Justice for All is Important to our Future

Do YOU… Think YOU Have… “The NEXT Big Idea” & Scared or Confused about what to do with it?
1. Have an Idea (Business) you want to PROTECT, SHARE & GROW?
2. Have an Idea (Invention) you want to EARN MONEY FROM?
3. Have an Idea (Song, Poem or Book) that TOUCHES OTHERS?
4. Know someone who needs a great Lawyer?
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We can HELP.

Everyone has Ideas! If you are like most you’ve had many ideas but did not know how to turn those ideas into money. Worse yet, IDEA THEFT (copy right, Trademark and patent infringement) is at an all time high because most people do NOT know the 5 simple steps to protect, defend and take their ideas to the next level. At Profit Warriors we think “YOUR IDEA is Your Baby”. We work with professionals who can show you how to turn your ideas into money through a 15 minute test. As a LegalShield Independent Associate we can provide you a Law firm and Lawyers who care who will work for you for a little as $26.50 per month. BEFORE you open that business, pay a Lawyer, Accountant, Research Firm (or OTHERs) use our IDEA “Quick Test” System combined with our IDEA “Protection & Witness Worksheet”. These two (2) Systems are designed to quickly and inexpensively TEST YOUR IDEA, and give you
Immediate, Limited Protection against IDEA Theft. As an Added bonus, our Systems help you get ready to take YOUR IDEA(s) to the next level, WITHOUT paying an arm and a leg.
Please Call 1 (800) 755-4435.