Rego Restaurants (Quiznos & Taco Del Mar)

Two iconic consumer brands with loyal customer bases have recently been acquired by High Bluff Capital Partners to be franchised under the newly formed REGO Restaurants banner. Although the two restaurant chains have varying product offerings, the one thing they both have in common is their millions of devoted fans and their love for the brands, which makes them a highly competitive option in the crowded QSR industry.
Quiznos took off in 1981, rocking the sandwich world by introducing a perfectly toasted sub. Today, Quiznos is one of the most beloved brands in the $21 billion sandwich industry. The fact that Quiznos enjoys overwhelming brand awareness across the nation is an enormous advantage for entrepreneurs. With a franchisee-focused team, an improved business model, a new restaurant design, an emphasis on ongoing training and one of the lowest ongoing fees in the sandwich segment, Quiznos is an affordable option for your Convenience location. Because our franchisees invest real-time money and passion into their business, Quiznos goes above and beyond in our support. From the moment you sign the franchise agreement you become a part of the Quiznos family! Stop by and see us at booth 205 or visit us online at
Taco Del Mar is no stranger to the franchise world, entering the marketplace in 1992 with the opening of their first location on Pier 57 in Seattle. Known for their iconic mouthwatering Baja fish tacos and their relaxed, seaside-themed décor, Taco Del Mar offers quality Coastal Mexican cuisine inspired by the shores of Baja California. Guests live the Baja life – simple, fresh and carefree. The cuisine is all about light, flavorful tastes and natural heat from peppers like jalapeños and habaneros. The menu features fresh ingredients, delicious guacamole, and slow cooked meats like our braised chicken and pulled pork carnitas. As a franchise owner, you will receive amazing support and training. From our operational tools to ongoing field support and promotional & marketing support it is a recipe for success. With our low investment cost, simple operations with limited cooking and quality made to order food, it’s the best time to add a Taco Del Mar to your Convenience location. Stop by one of our locations and try a Baja fish taco or burrito with our signature Reaper sauce. Visit us at booth 205 or, if you are ready to apply for a franchise, visit to begin your ownership opportunity today!
For either or both of these great opportunities you choose for your location, REGO Restaurants is ready to support you in your business venture and welcome you to the family!