Running Boards Marketing

Everyone has a message that they want others to see: We display that message to the world. Whether that message is a company’s advertisement, a political campaign message, or even an embarrassing Happy 16th Birthday message parked in front of a high school, we drive people’s message pretty much wherever they need it seen.

But let’s face the facts, it’s 2019, and many messages are just lost in the noise.

Companies are buying radio ads that people often don’t hear because they change the station, or they listen to online commercial free services like Spotify and Pandora. Advertisers are spending thousands of dollars on billboards that people end up ignoring. And with all the competition for customers’ attention, it’s difficult for most to create ads that stand out from their competition.

Running Boards Marketing is a key to overcoming these common obstacles in traditional out of home advertising. And how exactly do we do that?