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Starting up a Franchise? Expanding? Looking for Real Estate? Don’t know where to start with Franchise Financing:
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Our company was founded around one goal: to help package and provide SBA-backed business loans to businesses across various industries including Franchises. Unlike big banks, we take a personal approach and see our clients not as numbers, but as real people facing real-life challenges. Today, SBA Loan Group is one of the largest packagers of small business loans in the country while our failure rate remains one of the lowest in the country.
Our two types of loan programs have very favorable terms. The working capital program is a 10-year non-cancelable term loan, where clients can borrow from $100,000 up to $5,000,000. Our real estate program is a 25-year term loan, where clients can borrow up to $14,000,000. Currently, interest rates 7.25%,​ for working capital loans, and 4.25% – 6.75% with 90% financing on real estate loans ​ By working with us, the banks in our network are favorable towards our customers. Ultimately, you manage your business, and we will manage your loan.
SBA Franchise Loan Program is very successful for many franchisees to start-up a franchise and to franchisors looking to help new franchisees find reasonable financing. Our program also helps franchisees expand their businesses with our working capital loan or acquire a building with our real estate loan options.
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