Six Pixels LLC

Six Pixels is a division of Florida Film Academy LLC, a ten year veteran in the after school education marketplace. We don’t just create and sell franchises – we teach these programs both in schools and from our back lot studio in Orlando, Florida.

Every member of our team works hands on in the classroom developing and evolving the curriculum, listening to our students and families, perfecting every aspect of our program, so that you know when you take on a Six Pixels franchise you’re immediately set up for success.
There are many STEAM after school programs for parents to choose from and as the acronym implies most offer a great opportunity for children to develop skills in science, technology, engineering, art and math.

At Six Pixels we offer this technological learning through hands on creativity using storytelling, movie making and photography.
Students explore science through cameras, technology through editing, engineering through set design and construction, art through storytelling and character design and math through direction and blocking.