Starving Artist Waffles & Espresso

Founded in 2009, Starving Artist began with only one store – owner, Bryan Jackson, wanted to combine his passion for design, art, and food. With Jackson’s background in advertising and design, he aimed to open an advertising office and serve waffles and espresso on the side. Little did he know, less than 10 years later, Starving Artist as a brand would evolve to a well-established brunch franchise, with 7 locations operating in the GTA.
Starving Artist still holds true to the initial idea – each location is a hub for art-lovers, as the art on the walls is switched up every 6 weeks, offering local starving artists a space to display their work. However, at the forefront of the business is the quality, delicious WAFFLES! Starving Artist is all about creative excellence. From the coffee, to the eggs benedict, to the exceptional dessert waffles, customers and staff alike will experience the funky vibe and delicious food that Starving Artist offers at each location.