Starz Program

Sophia Z. Wastler is the Founder,and Program Manager to the Starz Program. After seeing the need to bring fun, fitness activities into schools, she founded the company in 2005. Her love for dance began at the age of two when she started taking classes. In high school, she auditioned and was selected to attend the prestigious Governor’s Magnet School for the Arts in Norfolk, VA. After college, she taught all forms of dance at The Virginia Performing Arts Academy. In 2001, Sophia began working for the Virginia Department of Education as a middle school health & physical education teacher. In 2012 she earned a master’s degree in education with a focus in exercise science and wellness. When called upon, Sophia volunteers for the International Hyperhidrosis Society. She promotes awareness for this medical condition and educates sufferers in need. In addition to being an educator, Sophia is a mom whose son lights up her world. She firmly believes that exercise combined with proper nutrition play vital roles in our overall health and wellness. She plans to continue to grow The Starz Program into a national enterprise so that thousands of children can be encouraged to shine one at a time!