Town Money Saver

Local advertising made easy.

Since 1992, Town Money Saver has offered local business owners high-quality advertising that attracts repeat customers and maximizes their return on investment. This hometown approach leads to lasting relationships with advertisers, which is the foundation of what we do.Currently, Town Money Saver mails to more than 150 communities in the Midwest with a monthly circulation of nearly 2.2 million.Town Money Saver coordinates every franchisee’s graphic design, printing, and mailing, allowing you him or her to focus on offering great service to your clients. That means each franchisee has time to concentrate on building relationships with local businesses that will be featured in a community-based coupon magazine – the centerpiece of our direct-mail services. Couple that with our premium direct-mail options and our easy-to-use digital products, and franchisees have an array of ways to meet each advertiser’s unique needs. With Town Money Saver there is no inventory, no employees, no rent or storefront, and no set business hours. So, Town Money Saver offers a truly unique low-cost business model with incredible flexibility for the franchisee.