Transition Squad Inc.

Senior Downsizing Made Simple

Transition Squad® is a full service downsizing company. We help seniors downsize and work with families going through a parent transition. We offer a menu of services that can be packaged together based on the unique needs of each customer. Our specialty however is to find a good home for our clients’ belongings and maximize their sale price through our proprietary online auction platform.

In Canada, Transition Squad® is franchising. Our franchisees assist clients organize items into lots, manage photography, create inventory lists, oversee the pickup by winners and manage consignment, donation and junk removal of unsold items. Although, legally Transition Squad® is a franchise, philosophically it is a partnership.

In the US, Transition Squad® is not currently franchising. We are opening corporate locations with the intention of building up the territories and then selling them as franchises. We are looking for independent contractors to help facilitate the process for our downsizing clients.

Transition Squad® is a low overhead business. Our Franchisees work from a home based office, most costs are variable costs associated with paid projects. We offer financing options for franchise fees and each franchisee contributes to their own ad fund, not head office’s. We match those amounts and apply the ad fund dollars to promote you in your market.

When you are a Transition Squad® franchisee, you are truly a partner. We share the work as well as the expenses and profits of every job with no royalties.