Urban Lube Ltd.

We Come To You!

Urban Lube founded in Regina 2016. We are the First Mobile Oil and Tire Change Experts service provider in Western Canada and now service in 3 canadian big cities. Our team of skilled individuals make it our mission to provide the best service and convenience to all our customers. The idea of mobile oil and tire changes came from the inconvenience everyone experiences within Canadian winters, especially in Saskatchewan! We take away the long waits at traditional oil or tire service providers and replace it with friendly, easy and convenient oil or tire changes at our customer’s preferred location!

How do we do it?

Our motto is ease and convenience! From start to finish the process is easy for both our technicians and clients! Our online booking system and website is custom made and easy to use, to ensure that from customer’s booking to our technicians doing their job, everyone will end up satisfied!
Our customers can make a booking either online or through a phone call. They will pick a date and time that suits their life the best and provide us with the location, vehicle information and what services they require. It is up then to our technicians to arrive and perform the services. After the service is complete our technician will take payment from the customer and recommend their next service date!