Zaniac Kids

STEAM Learning Labs where kids gain an academic edge and 21st century technology, science & math skills!

Zaniac Kids is a leading Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) education franchisor in the United States where children gain 21st century skills to solve problems and boost academic performance at school. Founded in 2010 by professor, author and social entrepreneur Paul Zane Pilzer, Zaniac is headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina and has served more than 50,000 students to date. Franchise locations are currently in North Carolina, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey and Connecticut.

A Zaniac Kids franchise is ideal for an owner/operator who desires to build a business from their home. Zaniac offers kids from grades K-8 a broad range of fun and enriching STEAM programs such as Coding, Robotics, Engineering, Math, Reading, Design, Chess and Game-Based Learning Minecraft. Zaniac STEAM Programs are delivered year-round at locations throughout a community such as schools, churches, community centers as after-school programs, evening and weekend programs, school break camps, summer camps, birthday parties and fun events like parents’ night out or chess club. Programs also can be delivered as part of a school’s teaching day as an elective, in-school field trips and workshops for teacher professional development, and incorporated into a home school learning plan. Owners have the option to have a physical campus location as well.

Zaniac’s STEAM programs utilize a state-of-the-art curriculum presented to students by instructors through a customized pedagogy that combines fun, peer-based learning and hands-on engagement with the latest technology. (For example, build robots, learn how to code, explore space and fly drones.) Classes are typically 90-minutes with five to ten students each, allowing for personalized attention. Parents can receive emails after each class sharing their child’s progress.

The Zaniac Learning Management and Operating System (LMOS) is our turnkey, cloud-based solution that allows Zaniac owners to concentrate on sales and improving their customer’s experience rather than operational friction points such as scheduling and accounting.

As an owner, you will receive access to the Zaniac corporate management team for training and support.