Restoring Trust

Trust is one of the most important factors when building a business. It’s also what helps maintain a business and find continued success. In many ways, building trust is a major reason for marketing and communicating with customers.

Companies cannot force people to trust them or trick people into trusting them – at least not for long. Trust is highly associated with authenticity.   Trust encompasses many different things. Can you count on a business to deliver a quality product or service? Do you believe a restaurant uses good ingredients and keeps food areas clean? Will the company you’re dealing with stick to their word, honor their prices, and get work done on time? Does a business treat its employees, partners, and the world with respect?

For years, most labour jobs have attracted workers that have tarnished the reputation of the industry by losing trust with customers.  Coming late, not finishing the job completely, asking for more money than originally agreed upon, there are many reasons how trust was lost over time in this industry.

Nick Zamucen from Best Option Restoration (B. O. R. Restoration) understood the value of trust from the start of his business is 2000.  “If we do what we say and say what we do, arrive on time with a smile and a level of professionalism, it will be easy to separate us from the rest of the field.”  And that’s exactly what has happened for the B. O. R. restoration franchise system. Serving over 5000 customers in just the last 3 years, and growing exponentially through their serviced-based franchise opportunity: granting 16 partners in only 36 months.  Sticking to his commitment of trust, it has proven to lead to more clients, repeat business, referrals, and more franchise partners.  It’s not just the outward professional appearance Zamucan prides his business in, he is proud to be the only franchise system which provides customers with the latest in restoration technology of thermal heating.  “I want our clients to have access to the best options in restoration and thermal heating does just that.  I want our franchise partners to know they are providing their clients with the best as well.  I wouldn’t feel comfortable operating my business any other way.”

It doesn’t take a single action to create trust with customers, despite the fact that a single action can break it. Instead, trust is the result of many actions, words, and intentions over time. Best Option Restoration is restoring the trust of the industry one client at a time.

American Franchise Journal

American Franchise Journal