Services Continue to Increase in Popularity: A Juicy Opportunity

The service industry has seen a lot of changes in recent times. Technological changes, automation, outsourcing, changes in consumer behavior, and many other advances have results in a service industry that looks very different today than it did even a few years ago. These changes have helped accelerate an industry that is already growing rapidly.

There is a rising demand for services, from health to education to entertainment, and the industry has grown to support this. In fact, Market Research forecasts that the majority of job growth in the United States will come from the service sector, with a 5.4% overall growth rate being projected between 2016 to 2020. In 2018, 78.8 percent of total employment in the United States was in the service sector and twenty-nine of the top 30 occupations with the largest growth came from this sector. Between 2012 and 2022, real output in service-based sectors is projected to rise from $16.1 trillion to almost $21.0 trillion, a 2.6-percent-per-year rate of increase.

Why the Service Industry is Booming

People like services for many reasons, with a major one being convenience. Today, lifestyles are busier than ever before and that leaves people looking for easier and more convenient ways to eat, exercise, learn, or do just about anything else. This has resulted in an explosion of service-based businesses.

Many people today are less concerned with material possessions and more interested in services that make life easier, healthier, or more interesting. This has resulted in new service-based businesses forming to meet these needs. A lot of people today are more inclined to spend money on services instead of buying more “stuff.”

Service-based businesses make sense for entrepreneurs as well. In many of these businesses, there is less overhead, greater flexibility, and more room for growth. This is especially true when it comes to service-based franchises. Franchises give entrepreneurs the opportunity to run a business based on a proven model while giving customers confidence in the company they’re working with. Consumers are often skeptical of working with a brand-new business. They’re not sure if they can trust them and they don’t know how long they’ll be around. With a service-based franchise, these fears are alleviated. Customers get to work with a known brand that they can count on and trust.

Smart Drinks recognized this trend and created Smart Drinks food truck. Smart Drinks has been running their mobile Smoothie truck in Houston since 2004, the demand was so great that they opened a brick and mortar store so that they could also offer customers vitamins and supplements. They sold their first franchised mobile unit in 2016, and are providing franchise opportunities for both options.

“Corporations want to treat their employees with a quick smoothy, so having us deliver it to their office makes it fast and simple for them. For us too!.” Lorri Wyndham of Smart Drinks says. Not only do Smart Drinks service corporations, they also can be found at charity and sporting events; typically giving back 10% of sales to any charity that they are working with when they are on-site. Currently the majority of Smart Juice truck revenue is still from their designated truck location, but the trend is showing that soon their juice as a service concept will overpower.

Smart Drinks are offering their juice franchise opportunity throughout America.

American Franchise Journal

American Franchise Journal